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1769 Distillery is home to various types of equipment
used to create its portfolio of products.
From hybrid pot stills to continuous column distillation,
hand bottling to automated packaging,
the product dictates its method of production.
It is traditional to name the stills in a distillery.
Here are their stories.
Continuous Still
This fully automated continuous column still was custom made for 1769 Distillery in British Columbia. It sustainably produces the neutral base we use in many of our products.
Sustainability is achieved by distilling a “low wine” or beer that would otherwise have been discarded for various reasons. This continuous still produces 95% ABV spirits in a single pass, recovers 25% alcohol in 50% less time, producing 3 times more ethanol per hour than a traditional still.
It is now possible to have a 100% neutral spirit base, locally sourced from Quebec, which also protects the environment by saving distillation time and by not wasting raw material that would have been thrown away, thus reducing waste from entering our water system.
hybrid pot still #1
Our main still, Isabelle, is responsible for distilling all of the gins produced at 1769 Distillery. The Madison Park, Royalmount and Azura gin brands are all distilled on Isabelle.
The stainless steel kettle allows for easy and efficient cleaning, while the columns and copper in the vapour path removes volatile sulphur compounds released by the yeast during fermentation.
Isabelle was manufactured in Alabama by Artisan Still Design, a company that had factories in Canada and the USA.
Madison still
A hybrid still is a combination of a pot still and a column still.

Beautiful and multi-functional, Madison distills our delicious Canadian Whisky. Her kettle, or pot, holds 580 litres and operates on steam. She will also be distilling our rum! More on that to come 😉
Madison is 100% Canadian made and was manufactured in Alberta by Artisan Still Design.