Pink Gin Spritz

Pink Gin Spritz

Created by : Max Coubès

– 0.75 oz  Madison Park Pink Dry Gin

– 0.75 oz  Madison Park Cépage Gin *

– 0.25 oz  Simple syrup *

– 1 oz  Sparkling water

– 3 oz  Sparkling wine


* The Cépage gin and simple syrup can be replaced by using 1 oz of berry syrup (blackberries or blackcurrant). Boil equal parts water and sugar with 1 cup of berries. Crush berries in the syrup. Let infuse and cool. Strain into a sterilized bottle and refrigerate.

Garnish : Rosemary sprig and blueberries
Glass : Wine

1- Pour all the ingredients into a wine glass filled with ice cubes.
2- Top with and sparkling water and sparkling wine.
3- Mix lightly with a bar spoon.
4- Garnish with blueberries and a rosemary sprig.

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